How to feel happy again

People often asked me, “How happy are you with your life?” To start with, I had to think about it.  Most people don’t even think about how happy they are, yet, their thoughts are constantly going on at them about the ‘woes of the world’, which makes them unhappy chappies. Go on, I urge you… Continue reading How to feel happy again


Magic in Modern Life

There are times, in today's world, where we can feel traumatised, depressed and anxious about some of the events that we are exposed to in the media. We skim read the newspaper headlines, half listen to the news bulletins and scoot over the social media sites - all of them give images of horrific tales… Continue reading Magic in Modern Life

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Smile through the s**t

I read a book recently, "The Best of Is It Just Me or is Everything Shit?" by Steve Lowe. Although it's a book that smiles through the cr*ap, one glance around the real world that surrounds you, you can't fail to notice the amount of bad s**t that's happening in the world today.  At times,… Continue reading Smile through the s**t